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We are a busy Media Company delivering
Film, Photography, PR, Marketing, Editorial and Social for all aspects of communication.

We are owned and directed by Vanessa Champion, and are a team of photographers, videographers, editors and writers who create content for businesses and creatives in the UK and beyond. From stills to documentary video, music videos, performance, podcasts and videocasts, audio interviews and more. If you are looking for content for social media, your website, broadcast, promotional material or portfolio, are looking for an agent or just need more business, do call us, we’d love to see how we can help.

Our clients operate in different markets across cybersecurity, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, wellness, music, performance, TV, film, theatre as well as the creative arts.

Film and Photography – our USP is our eye for story telling. From corporate video interviews and short 2 minute trailers for your business to graded stills, team shots, events, headshots, brochure images and story telling, we have a wonderful team of highly experienced professional photographers and video journalists who will create a perfect set of images and videos unique to you.

With much of social and online business marketing benefitting from the advantages of video, contact us to see how we can help tell your story.

Public Relations – our team searches for news opportunities for you to comment on, researches journalists for you to speak with, finds opportunities for editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, radio and TV. We also find opportunities for you from speaking at events to chairing industry panels. Protecting your brand and reputation is also part of PR, so we help ensure the messaging across all your corporate communications is spot on. We also partner with other PR agencies who may specialise in your industry managing your PR across territories. 

Marketing – with our background in advertising, branding and newspaper editorial we know the power of a good message to get your story across. Our director is outsourced as contract marketing and PR director for companies looking to develop plans to take new and existing products, services and ideas to market. Our expertise is looking at your market in a different way. Can you stand out above your competitors with a table drop, can you create your own sent of awards, why not publish a book so you are viewed as expert in your field? Mixing PR with Marketing, advertising and visual and written communications, we help you sell more and retain your clients.

Copywriting – we can write with any “voice”, whether it’s corporate, fashion, tourism, punchy straplines, reports, flyers, short email campaigns, scripts for marketing, we even write poetry! 

Social Network / Digital Marketing – we have a team of experts in different industries, to advise on, manage and write content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and also advise and manage your SEO.

Relationship Building – one aspect of PR often overlooked is communicating with your existing clients. We plan, write and deliver corporate communications to keep your business relationships positive and solid. We also attend meetings to help ensure your branding and message is conveyed. With our Marketing and Ad agency hats on, we also help pitch in creative solutions to help get a deal over the line for you.

Advertising – we can help you buy space at a lower than average price, guarantee editorial, build your relationships with the press, come up with creative and engaging campaigns (print, online, etc). We can also do flyer and ad design and layout.

Design and Print – need brochures printed, flyers, team tee-shirts, office or event signage, marketing collateral? Need advice on colour ways, images, size, supplier? Contact us, we can design and produce everything from your usual popup banners to graphics which can go behind waterfalls, shimmerdisc displays and unusual solutions including projections and textiles!

Coffee – we do coffee and lunch a lot too 🙂 They say, people do business with people they like, an old adage, but we only work with people we can coffee with, so if you want to give us a try, call us and we’ll buy you one!

Our Director

Vanessa Champion Photographer portraits corporate video

Vanessa Champion PhD is more than just a photographer and film-maker. While she has been a professional photographer for over 25 years, selling her first landscape prints when she was 16 after visits to Cornwall with her family and little bonkers Jack Russell, she started life as an academic at UCL, lecturing in Greek and Latin, then went on to work in finance, editorial, journalism and has been instrumental in setting up and running arts charities. Nicknamed The Whirlwind by the inimitable sports artist Paul Trevillion, Ness lives up to this, preferring to operate on all cylinders for clients and fill her life with interesting projects. 

She shoots stills and video, including 4K and has a wonderful, fast, reliable and really quite awesome video editor in her team. Ness can help commission drone, 360 and other specialised photography.  For the past 20 years she has worked in communications, whether that has been written or visual, behind a camera, directing a shoot, editing, or public relation and marketing directorships, and has enjoyed commissions from brand agencies, corporates, blue-chips as well as theatrical groups, musicians, actors, festivals as well as individual families, craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs.

On photography: “Everyone has a story. Commercially, I am known for my visual story-telling and I love the variety of my work. One minute I’m up a crane for a commercial shoot the next I’m sitting on the floor with some ceramic pots under studio lights. Shooting portraits for me is a wonderful process, from the first moment of meeting people through to putting even the most stressed and uncomfortable at their ease, to the styling and directing in the studio or on location. Am very lucky and I love my job.”

Ness photographs portraits, events, advertising and publicity imagery for magazines, internal and external communications, as well as being commissioned for performing and creative arts and manufacturing.

Her own heritage in the theatre and the visual arts has given her a sensitivity for timing not just in the entertainment world but also in a corporate environment. “Being able to convey a story of anything visually, from a high street brand to the energy of a portrait session, is a gut feeling. Being technically able isn’t enough, you have to listen, wait and trust the moment and yourself.”Her portfolio includes Rolls Royce, Corrigans Mayfair, Philips, Royal Opera House. 

Ness is also a writer and editor, often writing stories to accompany the photo story.

Interviews with Anthony Donnelly5Fives ,Interview with Radio Dacorum https://www.mixcloud.com/radiodacorum/xr-cyclists-cop26-photojournalist-vanessa-champion-interview-radio-dacorum-leslie-tate/

She is founder of PhotoAid Global, supporting NGOs in Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and now South America and Bhutan and is available to give talks and training. “Everyone has a story, I love working with people to help convey their message, whether it is a remote community or a commercial enterprise.”She is also Director of Dragonfly Communications a Creative Agency and The Journal of Biophilic Design (available on Spotify/iTunes / Apple Music / RSS feed) and cp-founder of The Space Doctors.When she’s not working, she’s reading, writing (currently one novel and one biography of Cuthbert Orde), walking, travelling (when Covid isn’t here putting the damper on things!) and generally appreciating this beautiful planet we are on

When she’s not working, she’s reading, writing (currently one novel and one biography of Cuthbert Orde), walking, travelling (when Covid isn’t here putting the damper on things!) and generally appreciating this beautiful planet we are on.
ness@vanessachampion.co.uk   07747 025 361
(or if outside the UK  +44 7747 025 361).
She is often found with a passport in hand heading on a plane somewhere, so give her a couple of hours to respond, she might be in the sky!


I’ve worked with

Succession Financial Services, HIP Properties, Royal College of Surgeons, NHS, Wellcome Trust, British Museum, EIZO Nanao Technologies, Royal Photographic Society, ITV, BBC, London Photo Festival, Corrigans Mayfair, Sail Royal Greenwich, Business Keys Ltd, PSSA, TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year), Pixelrights, The Actors’ Guild, Strathmore Artist Papers, Red Thread, Friends of Africa, Lancaster Conferences, Bliss, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), BBC, ITV, Monster.com, Leisure Property Forum,  University College London (UCL), Creativity International, Castlehillcrafts, Creativity Photographic Backgrounds, Bumble Books, Fenland Arts Association Charity, Peace through Parenting, Lavish Creative, WildEyes TV, TKU, Artist Papers, Fenland Visual Arts Collective, Paul Trevillion, The Black Gallery, Origin Communications, Infosecurity Europe, Wi-SUN Alliance, Timegame, RareFlair, Leisure Property Forum, Lavish Productions, Rapleys LLP, Manchester Museum, Waterstones, Libraries, Fens Flowers and Food Festival, Flag Fen, Guy Gowan, March Summer Festival Committee, Reed Exhibitions, Hit Entertainment, RDF Rights, Aceville, Johnstone Press, Origin Communications, Infosecurity Europe, WiSUN Alliance, BIT Group, Lema Publishing, Cambridge Cleantech, Origin Publishing, BBC Marketing, Broadsheets, Specialist Press, Fenland Fables, March Museum, Wildlife Trust, Welney Wetlands Trust, Arts Representation and Liaison, Writers, Poets, NALD, Artists, Photographers, MSGD Studio, RH Hall, PCL Corporatewear, NHS, Graphic Designers, TIN, Ball Design and Branding, Verbatim Global Services, Musicians, Fairyland Trust, GAAPS International, Anna Koren Graphology, School of Five Element Acupuncture, Columbus Publishing, Art Gemini Prize, PhotoX, Henry and Powell, UCL External Affairs, Fanfare/Ponent Mon Publishing, ArchersupProductions, Pixelrights, Atlas Translations London, Aylesbury Opera Group, Court Theatre, RVR Translations France, Amici di Verdi, Emblem Group, ASK Print, Big Day Designs, TV, SmartFrame.io and academic researchers and many more

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